Conversation 2An astrology session is about you. About who you are, what’s happening and why.

If you are interested in astrology session that is clear, easy to understand and which will provide you with many new insights about your personality I can help. We can talk about your natal chart, but also have a look at events from the past, right now, or the near future.

It’s also possible to make horoscopes about relationships, which will help you get a clearer view how certain relations actually work – and this may be between two lovers, but it can also shed light on the bond between parents and children.

The natal chart – who am I?

A natal chart can give you a fairly good idea about who you are. A birth chart shows your personality, your interests and innate qualities, but also possible pitfalls, and the reasons why some of your problems seem to return again and again.

It helps you to develop a perspective on your character and style, your talents and strengths. It shows the essential you and how you differ from others.

There are quite a few differences between people, and understanding and accepting who you are can help you relax in your own being. Showing who you are, while simultaneously examining how you can grow is one of the main goals of an astrology conversation.

The progressive chart – why is this happening?

A progressive chart shows in which phase of your life you are, and where you’re headed. Which, by the way, is also dependent on knowing your own motives, values and desires.

Of course you cannot direct all and everything, and sometimes you have to deal with people and situations you didn’t choose yourself. But a lot can be gained by knowing what really is going on – the background of the events you’re involved in. Which in turn may help you navigate it with more ease and elegance.

It may also help you see how long it all is going to last, which can help gain perspective.

And seeing which possibilities there are for growth will help you deal with the necessary changes with more acceptance and insight.

The relationship chart – who are we?

It’s possible to lay two horoscopes side by side and discuss what sort of dynamic is going on here. You can even make a composite – a horoscope which comes out of the combination of two “real” horoscopes, and shows the structure and dynamics of the relationship. This can give you a better idea about what’s going easily, and what’s more difficult.

Sometimes it’s a relief to hear that some of the difficulties you struggle with are just  natural for the dynamic between the two of you, and at other times it helps to see that these struggles are actually more of your own making and part of your character. Sometimes you are with someone and everything is just going smoothly – and then you are with someone else and all sorts of irritations appear. A relationship chart can show you why.

It can also help you understanding the emotional bond with your children, or get more clarity about why you and your father or mother couldn’t get along very well on certain issues.

If we talk about the relationship between two lovers I prefer to talk with both of you, but if not, I want the explicit approval of the one not present.

Subjects to talk about

An astrology conversation can have many different subjects. I find it important that the subjects we discuss are those that interest you the most. What would you like to talk about? Make a list! Every now and then we’ll stop to see if all your questions are dealt with.

You may, but don’t have to send me this list of concerns beforehand. Sometimes you feel it’s embarrassing to have to deal with certain issues, and you may want to check me out first before you reveal some of your fears and struggles.

But it’s safe to assume we can talk about every possible subject – and if I don’t have anything sensible to say I will tell you.

It’s not unusual that the need to discuss things with an astrologer comes up when life is really difficult and there doesn’t seem to be any sort of solution to the problems. Not all change is progress – sometimes there’s real loss and an irrevocable end of something which held great value. That’s also something we can have a look at.

So the conversation can also be about some really heavy and difficult issues. I am used to that, have experience dealing with this, and won’t fear or judge you. I am a good listener – and I sure don’t have to do the talking all the time. I cannot solve your problems, but maybe I can give you another perspective, which will probably help you to view them in a new, more positive light.

Clear language

We will only use everyday English and you don’t have to know anything about astrology itself. You don’t have to believe in past lives and elves, you don’t have to like incense or healing gem stones, and it’s okay if you don’t have any experience with aura readings or telepathic dolphins.

A horoscope may look rather mysterious, full of unknown symbols and a lot of numbers and colours; but not understanding this is not a problem. It will all be translated, using clear language.

As much as possible, I try to make sure that what I say is understandable and in accordance with your own experience. So, no incomprehensible or dark sentences, no claims that can’t be checked. The conversation is about you, so it is important that you understand what is being said.

Horoscope data

To be able to make a horoscope one needs three things; date, time and place. (So for example: 08-10-1975, (dd-mm-yyyy), London, at 21:55.

I do prefer a birth certificate for this – you can get one from the authorities of your place of birth (or sometimes your current residency). Your mother may be convinced she knows exactly the time of birth – but this may not really be the case.

So keep these data at hand if you contact me for a session.

Costs and duration

An astrology session can be recorded digitally, which will give you the opportunity to listen to what has been discussed at some later time. I will send this recording via the mail. And of coursevinyl record player retro 594388 2 you can also use your own smartphone to record the conversation.

Anything which has been discussed will be treated confidentially.

A session will last about an hour and a half and will cost 100 euro. From experience I can tell that it’s hard to listen much longer than this with full concentration, so it’s no use talking more. It may vary by, say ten minutes, but that won’t change the price. If we have a conversation about the relationship and there are two of you, the costs are 150 euro.

You can pay cash only, no pin.

If you feel like “this won’t work for me” during the first 15 minutes or so you can stop and there’s no obligation to pay or stay.

Because I’m very experienced it’s possible to make an appointment within short notice. 


short introduction if you're interested in an astrology session, and the about me section.

Geboorte data

Om een geboortehoroscoop te kunnen maken is het volgende nodig: datum, plaats en tijd. De geboortetijd kun je opvragen bij de gemeente waar je geboren bent. Meer informatie vind je hier.