Onno profielfoto klein witte randAbout me

I became interested in astrology around the age of twenty. I found a book with a description of the planets and signs, and with the help of some tables I was able to construct  a more or less reliable horoscope. I did so a few times for people I knew, and then looked up what it said about the Moon in Pisces, or Mars in Capricorn, etc. It somehow seemed right, so I wanted to know more about it.

Over the years I started to collect books on the subject, made a horoscope for anyone interested, said some pretty stupid things due to a lack of experience, but noticed a steady progress in understanding. Because I made and kept the horoscopes of many people, and knew what was going on in their lives, I developed a more reliable insight into the meaning of a horoscope.

At the same time I read a lot of books on psychology, psychotherapy and all sorts of self-help books, and worked in child’s psychiatry. It gave me a good overview of the development from child to adulthood, and how hard it sometimes can be to develop a good and satisfying life.

During the years I made tens, then hundreds, and finally thousands of horoscopes. I often did so for free, which of course made it easy for people to cooperate. But as I learnt more and more, I was happy too. Only after a long time did I start to charge money – but as I had become very experienced I felt it was okay to do so.

I even became of teacher of astrology – did so for a couple of years. You learn a lot by teaching and the feedback you get, so that certainly was a good experience.

After some 25 years of talking, reading and writing about astrology almost every day a long break occurred. For a few years I was very focused on meditation and spirituality, and created the site on enlightenment. Not that I lost contact with planet Earth – I still worked every day, raised two kids, had (and still have) a nice relationship, and exercised regularly, for I believe that everything works better if you take good care of the body.

The holiday from astrology came to an end, I became interested again, and here we are. Lots of experience in making horoscopes, many conversations, still curious and learning, knowing there’s always more insight to be gained. For a horoscope only comes to life if combined with a knowledge of work, money, power, identity, relationships, sexuality, psychology, education, therapy, development, common sense, and every now and then some sort of intuition.

Every time I try to make it worthwhile, providing you with more depth of knowledge into who you are, and what moves you. Sometimes it’ll be fun, sometimes we’ll discuss some really heavy stuff – but it will always be clear, precise and helpful.


short introduction if you're interested in an astrology session, and the about me section.

Geboorte data

Om een geboortehoroscoop te kunnen maken is het volgende nodig: datum, plaats en tijd. De geboortetijd kun je opvragen bij de gemeente waar je geboren bent. Meer informatie vind je hier.